The best attractions in Zakopane – a complete guide

Welcome to Zakopane, the heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains, place full of amazing attractions. Zakopane, often called the „winter capital of Poland” provides plenty of ways to enjoy nature, culture and active recreation. In this guide you will discover the most recommended attractions in Zakopane that will make your stay unforgettable.

Mountain Trails and Nature

Zakopane is known for spectacular mountain trails. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a novice you will find something suitable for yourself. From the popular Giewont trail to the easier routes in the Kościeliska Valley or Morsie Oko, all paths are available for advanced breathtaking views and close proximity to nature.

Culture and Tradition

Zakopane is not only mountains, but also rich culture and tradition. Visit Krupówki, where local handicraft shops and highland food are located. Don’t miss out the Tatra Museum, which offers deep view into history and culture.

Active recreation

For those who like adrenaline, Zakopane offers various attractions such as skiing, snowboarding and climbing. Check out the ski slopes at Kasprowy Wierch or climb one of the peaks.

Family attractions in Zakopane

Explore exceptional places, perfect for families and people oni different ages:

  • Iluzja Park: A place full of illusions and magical attractions for both children and adults.
  • Parott Zoo “Exotic Zakopane”: A place where you can see exotic parrots, perfect for animal lovers.
  • Mousehouse “Myszogród”: An amusement park where the youngest can observe a miniauture mice world.
  • Underwater World “Podwodny Świat”: An aquarium with a fascinating world of sea creatures, perfect for education and entertainment.

Events and Festivals

Zakopane is visited by tourist whole year round, thanks to numerous events and festivals. From the International Highland Folklore Festival to ski jumping on Wielka Krokiew, everyone will find something for themselves.

Plan your visit in Zakopane today and experience this unique place. Whether it’s the beauty of nature, the richness of culture or exciting activities, Zakopane is a perfect place to relax.