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zjazd ze skoczni pontonem
Top attraction in Zakopane

The only pontoon ride from a ski jumping hill in entire Europe!

Adrenaline rush guranteed…

Statystyki zjazdu

Largest slide in entire Europe!

metrów w dół!
metrów na sekundę

Seeking adrenaline ?

Ski jumping is very popular in Poland. This discipline became especially attractive when Adam Małysz and Kamil Stoch began to regularly win the highest positions during the Winter Olympics, World Championships, and triumphed in the general classification of the World Cup.

Television audience records are broken in Poland for these competitions. It is no wonder… Poles are competiting with such ski forces as Norway, Austria and Germany. Tens of thousands of fans come to Zakopane to support our national team during individual and team competitions held on the famous ski jump…

What made us love jumping…? What distinguishes jumping from other sports…? Speed, extreme experiences from a competitor and probably a little inaccessibility, because an average person is not able to experience even a little of these amazing sensations… We can only observe jumpers on huge, specially prepared sport facilities. Everyone who has had the opportunity to visit Wielka Krokiew in Zakopane is aware of its size. And here we come to the culmination point – now everything has changed!

Thanks to the agreement and commitment of the polish Central Sports Center – Olympic Preparation Center in Zakopane, everyone has the opportunity to ride down the Wielka Krokiew ski jump…! Thus, Wielka Krokiew became the largest slide in the world!!! It is worth noting that it is actually 2nd slide in the world, and the 1st in Europe, where we can go down the hill! Only at the Olympic facilities in USA there is a possibility of a similar ride, but from a slightly smaller hill. Dizzying speed, comparable to a jumper (depending on the level from which we start), huge emotions, all in a safe way. Finally, you will receive a certificate confirming a ride from the Wielka Krokiew ski jump! BOMB!!!

The ride takes place on a… pontoon! In fact, these are specially prepared tubings for the ride on a green plastic. After all, not everyone is able to complete the ride from the ski jump! Optionally, we can buy a recording from a special camera – a great souvenir. On the video, you can additionally see the actual speed with which we are going down!

Movies are available on our  YouTube channel

A how-to guide:

You come to the ski jump facility Wielka Krokiew. You buy a ticket at the ticket office, authorizing us to enter the facility.

On the way to the ski lift, there is our office – you pay there for the ride from the jumping hill.

You read the regulations, fill out a statement (similar to bungee one). Our team gives you all the instructions and helmets that are necessary. There are three take-off levels (altitudes) to choose from. Everyone, even a fearful person, can complete their ride from the ski jump.

I level is the lowest, children from 7 years old can enter. The achieved speed is approx. 60 km/h.

II level it’s twenty meters higher. The ride speed reaches about 80 km/h. From the second level, children from 11 years old can enter only after passing the first level! There are no restrictions for adults – you decide for yourself where you want to start.

III level, the highest one – above the height of the COS sign on the hill. The speed of the rdie is between 90 and 100 km/h! and from this level senations are the closest to the competitors jumping at the World Cups!

Is the ride worth it? Definitely YES, even from the first level!
Impressions…? Unforgettable…!!!

* It is also necessary to purchase a ticket entitling you to enter the Wielka Krokiew area
normal 15zł / reuced 10zł

** Speed ​​measurement is depends on various factors including weather conditions (heavy clouds).
If the GoPro camera does not record GPS telemetry data, the speed measurement will not be visible in the video.


Zapoznaj się z opiniami jakie zostawili nasi zadowolenie goście.


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